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As a lawyer, I’ve worked with many mediators. I know what effective mediation involves and what it can accomplish. Good mediators engage with the parties in the process and encourage them to reach a shared understanding of the key issues and litigation risks so they can make informed decisions and conduct productive negotiations.

I’ve modeled my own practice with that experience in mind. I immerse myself in a problem, distill the issues at hand, and guide collaborative thinking or tough conversations. I embrace the nuances of each case, and I’m mindful of how parties may be affected by different motives, experiences, and emotions. 

Through exploration and communication, I work with the parties to understand the central elements of their dispute, the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and their opportunities and trade-offs. With that information, I work with the parties to facilitate an organized and intentional conversation or negotiation to explore ways to resolve a dispute. Well informed, well prepared parties can take control of the process, actively contribute ideas, and be more open-minded – all of which increases the likelihood of resolution.


As a mediator, I pledge to:

  • Ensure a quality, impartial, and party-driven process

  • Encourage mutual respect among parties

  • Identify key areas of focus

  • Equip parties with the best possible information

  • Facilitate productive conversation and negotiation

  • Empower strategic decision making 


Paul Smolinsky

I bring over 20 years of experience in business law and commercial litigation, particularly insurance coverage. I have been involved in a wide range of disputes with varying degrees of complexity – ranging from two-party, single-issue disputes to multi-party disputes with numerous issues.

Prior to launching my mediation practice, I was a Director at Jackson & Campbell, P.C., where I represented insurance companies in a broad variety of coverage claims arising from environmental, construction, and other complex civil matters. I also previously worked at McLeod, Watkinson & Miller, Ridberg Press & Sherbill, and the D.C. Court of Appeals.


The George Washington University

Carleton College

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  • Association for Conflict Resolution

  • Maryland Counsel for Dispute Resolution